Spartan Sports Medicine Staff

IMG_0108Heather Smith LAT, ATC

Head Athletic Trainer

Office Phone: 281-856-1273

Fax: 281-856-1282





Michael Valenzuela LAT, ATC

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Office Phone: 281-856-1273

Fax: 281-856-1282




Andrea Gonzalez

Outreach Athletic Trainer

Office Phone: 281-856-1273

Fax: 281-856-1282




The Spartan Sports Medicine staff is here to take care of any injuries that your child may incur as a result of athletics at Cypress Lakes High School.  We can help facilitate communication between athletes, doctors, coaches and parents. We are available at all home competitions.  We are in communication with athletic trainers at the away venues so we are kept informed about injuries that occur at away competitions.

Treatments for injuries are expected to be done in the morning, before school.  We arrive at school at 6:45 am and treatments begin then.  This is important so that we can send the injury report to coaches prior to activity period practices, after school practices and games.  If an athlete is injured and cannot practice, they will still be required to attend all practices and competitions unless otherwise directed by a doctor.

The district does have an All Sports and Activities Accident insurance policy that each athlete is covered by in the event of an athletic injury.  If you have insurance, the school insurance would be secondary and if the student has no insurance the school insurance will be the primary, however there is a $750 deductible that you will be responsible for.

There is also a supplemental insurance policy available for purchase that would help cover the $750 deductible of the district policy.  This policy is available for School time accident coverage as well as 24 hour coverage. Information on this policy is available on the district website under “Insurance”

If an athlete goes to a doctor, for any reason, when they return to school they MUST HAVE A NOTE FROM THE DOCTOR with the following information:

  1. Diagnosis – what they have determined the injury or illness is
  2. Any restriction that they have placed on the athlete
  3. Date for return to play
  4. Note must be from a doctor – not a parent, club coach, physical therapist, massage therapist, etc.

If an athlete comes to school without a note from the doctor, they will NOT be cleared to practice or compete until we have a note.

Any football player wishing to wear a visor for practice or games must bring a doctors note and the visor to the training room.  We DO NOT provide visors for athletes. The visor must be installed by one of the athletic training staff.  No tinted visors are allowed, even with a doctors note. If these steps are not taken and the athlete attaches a visor themselves, it will be removed immediately and kept in the training room until the athlete is able to pick it up.

The athletic training staff will not cover tattoos or earrings for athletes.  Earrings can and should be removed prior to practice or games and tattoos that need to be covered should be taken care of prior to participation.